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The Cognitive Development Institute brings you:

Cognitive Imagination:

Shaping kids who are able to love, think, and connect!

A Workshop to Train Caregivers, Nannies, and Babysitters in the Art of Play to Promote

Cognitive Development

This 4 hour workshop is designed using the mountains of research suggesting that play, specifically imaginative play, promotes learning and brain development.

The nannies, babysitters, and caregivers that attend will walk away with:

An understanding of why play is important.

The ability to assess what areas of play the child is strong in and where the child needs to grow.

Specific games and activities that will promote cognitive development at each of these levels.

Why:  Playing is the key to cognitive development- the brain’s mental processes involved in gaining knowledge, comprehension, and communication. The more imaginative and creative play is developed, the more it develops a child’s cognitive thinking skills, which later translates into better:

Communication Skills

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Planning and Organizational Skills

Stronger Reading Comprehension and Writing. 

It does not matter if the children being watched are infants or 6th graders.  There will be games and activities for all levels of development.

Spanish Translation is available at our events.

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